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Soil testing Interpretation

The true value of a soil test lies in the precision of the interpretation.  For this reason Living Turf offers the choice between two recognised interpretation methods.

BSR (base saturation ratio or percentage) measures the ratio of nutrient cations on the soil exchange sites and expresses them as a percentage of their total.  This model applies the reasearched assumption that an optimum ratio of cations will bring about a pedal soil structure, allowing for optimum aeration and nutrient availability in a turf root zone.  This is particularly useful in loam and clay soils where soil structure is a critical factor for healthy plant growth.

SLAN (sufficiency level of available nutrients) focuses on the ppm (parts per million) of each nutrient and calculates whether this is enough to meet the needs of the turfgrass. This method is particularly useful in low CEC soils (sandy root-zones).  The Living Turf SLAN model only operates at below CEC 4.5.  For soils with CEC above 4.5 the Living Turf SLAN interpretation model defers to BSR.