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Why Solu-Cal ?

Soil amendment, including pH and cation exchange, is a principle objective of turf renovation.  With Autumn greens renovation approaching, turf managers are again considering their options for treating this aspect of renovation.  Over the past 18 months we have seen a growing adoption of Solu-Cal products not only at renovation, but during maintenance to proactively maintain balanced soil chemistry.

–  Calcium (Ca) is a primary nutrient in maintaining soil pH
–  Available Ca increases seedling density after germination
–  Improves soil texture and addresses soil compaction
–  Improves activity of beneficial bacteria and soil microbes
–  Used more by weight than any other nutrient

SoluCalSolu-Cal USA are a respected manufacturer of soil amending products, using proprietary technologies and patented processes in their state of the art facility in the north eastern USA.  Using additives including but not limited to PHCA (Poly Hydroxy Carboxcilic Acid) Solu-Cal apply a micro fine grind to calcium sources before blending ingredients and expertly granulating into uniform, rounded and dust-free particles that disperse readily when they come into contact with irrigation.

Living Turf have developed a close working relationship with Solu-Cal USA, allowing for the development of new and useful products such as Charger 10-0-12+10Ca+5Mg.  Available in fine (100sgn) and fairway grade (210sgn) particles, Charger delivers sturdy growth from slow release nitrogen and elevated potassium, along with soil building cations to simultaneously feed turf and soils.

Solu-Cal S (21Ca) is the flagship gypsum product, that delivers soluble Calcium to the soil, which is vital to a plant’s nutrient uptake.  This highly effective calcium source is also available as K-Cal Plus (0-0-22+15Ca+6Mg), a high K formula widely acknowledged for its suitability to sand based sports-turf profiles.  

Straight Solu-Cal (38Ca) is an enhanced calcitic lime, working to adjust pH in weeks, rather than months like traditional lime.  A one-point change in soil pH (for example, from 6.5 to 5.5) doesn’t seem like a lot. Yet that one point jump takes Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium from 100% availability to less than 50% availability! So with acid rain at work below the soil, the benefits of Calcium are even more critical in returning the soil to optimum health.