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New – Spinner Insecticide

This month Syngenta launched Spinner®, a new and useful insecticide for damaging turf pests including soil feeding grubs, stem boring weevils and surface feeding caterpillars. Containing two active ingredients (cyantraniliprole and thiamethoxam), Spinner® controls pests with a dual mode of action, making it an extremely fast acting curative and also preventative treatment for damaging turf insects.

SpinnerThis is the first insecticide to hit the market containing cyantraniliprole, an insecticide that shares the same family as chlorantraniliprole (Acelepryn®), the anthranilic diamide family. While the mode of action is the same, the key difference between the two chemistries is that cyantraniliprole works faster to control existing pests, broadening the application window for difficult pests such as Argentine Stemweevil.  Due to the fast knockdown, Spinner® is ideal for use in combination with Acelepryn®, which takes longer to enter the plant but will provide a longer period of protection.

At Living Turf we have adopted Spinner® as an important pillar in a control program for Argentine Stemweevil, an economically damaging stem boring insect that has the potential to decimate cool season golf greens and surrounds in very short time.  By using Spinner® in conjunction with EN’s (Entomopathogenic Nematodes – a CSIRO developed biological control agent for Argentine Stemweevil), our clients are able to combine this targeted insecticide with the environmentally sound control strategy provided by these natural predators.  

Developed in collaboration with turf managers and through a series of client focus groups, Living Turf’s Argentine Stemweevil program is in full swing, having started in September and due to finish in March 2015.  For more information on Spinner®, EN’s, our Stemweevil program, or any of your professional turf needs, contact your Living Turf representative.