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A spotlight on: DewCure

DewCure is a unique product designed specifically to control moisture in the turf canopy. DewCure:
• Inhibits the accumulation of moisture from dew formation, guttation, frost, etc.
•Promotes faster drying of leaf surfaces after rainfall, irrigation or frost.

Leaf wetness is a critical factor in the development of turf diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch and Pythium blight. Additionally, excess moisture in the form of dew or frost can cause delays in play, affect playing conditions and interfere with management practices like aerification, topdressing and mowing.

Applied as a foliar spray, DewCure is designed to tightly bond with the waxy cuticle of turfgrass leaves, forming a durable, water-resistant coating that inhibits the accumulation of moisture. Unlike wetting agents, DewCure will not wash off the leaf after rainfall and irrigation.

DewCure allows the turf manager to reduce moisture in the foliar microenvironment as an integral part of a disease control program when applied in advance of periods of high disease pressure. Applications can be repeated in 14 day intervals as long as disease pressure remains and leaf wetness is a factor. DewCure can also be used as a pre treatment before aerification or topdressing and to control dew and frost on the golf course to the advantage of the golfer.

Application is suitable at any time of the year, but because DewCure works by coating the leaves, maximum benefit is achieved when growth rate is slow and mowing infrequent. Typically, moisture control will start to visually diminish gradually as dew forms on new growth. However, the overall levels of moisture continue to be significantly lower than untreated material and turf will continue to dry more quickly. In cool seasons, both dew and frost control will typically last 1-3 weeks.

DewCure must be applied at the labeled concentration level (1.5%v/v).Decreasing the concentration may reduce the level of moisture inhibition.

Research indicates that DewCure can be tank mixed with many commonly used turf chemicals like growth regulators, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. Always do a field test of any combination that you do not have prior experience with.

DewCure must be allowed to dry completely on the leaf surface before irrigation or rainfall. If it is not allowed to thoroughly dry on the leaf, DewCure may wash off of the leaf surface, impacting product performance.

Applying through irrigation systems is not recommended.

Dewcure TreatedAlthough DewCure is not a fungicide, it has shown in numerous university research studies the potential to reduce the occurrence of turf diseases that require leaf wetness for pathogen growth. Studies on dollar spot showed significant delay in the onset of the disease when DewCure was applied in advance of disease onset.

DewCure controls leaf wetness as part of a disease control program. Disease develops when a disease-causing agent, a susceptible host, and a conducive environment occur simultaneously. DewCure controls disease by removing dew which is known to suppress diseases like dollar spot by depriving the disease-causing agent of free moisture which is required for growth.

Extended periods of leaf wetness are required by many foliar pathogens in order for infection to occur. As stated above, DewCure works to control the disease by removing the dew that provides a favourable conditions for growth. University testing over several seasons has demonstrated that DewCure can suppress dollar spot in turf by 50% or more by limiting the amount of moisture in the turf canopy. Click here to read a research report summary on the evaluation of DewCure for suppression of Dollar Spot on a putting green, conducted in Ohio by Ohio State University. 

Use of DewCure for pretreatment of and prior to aerification and topdressing provides a faster and cleaner process. It reduces available moisture typically absorbed by aerification plugs, as well as enabling sand to better work its way into the turf canopy after topdressing, providing a quicker return to ideal playing conditions and less wear on mowers.

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