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MATCHplay Superior Liquid Nutrients

Matchplay have released a new range of Superior Liquid Nutrients to promote plant colour, strength and overall health this summer.

These products uniquely contain biologically active ingredients including but not limited to VM3 (organic nutrient complexing technology) and VAM (beneficial root enhancing fungi).  The benefits that flow from regular use of these ingredients include increased health and vigour and the release of bound nutrients in the soil.  Matchplay Superior liquid nutrients enhance the soil biology to result in;
   – Increased root mass and root hair activity
   – Fast recovery from environmental stresses
   – Heightened tolerance to parasitic nematodes, from increased root mass and the inclusion of natural seaweed ingredients.

VM3 technology whiteMATCHplay Superior Liquid Nutrients all contain VM3 Organic Technology, a proprietary ingredient that enhances nutrient availability, longevity and compatibility for better turf performance. VM3 is a product of fermentation that uses several beneficial bacteria, trace minerals and plant stimulants. In this process, nitrates are converted to protein N, for increased stability, longevity and turf safety when applied to foliage.

VAM are a beneficial symbiotic fungi that can colonize up to 80% of the turf root mass. The fungal hyphae produced by VAM grow out into the soil medium further than the root hairs themselves, enhancing access to ordinarily unavailable soil nutrient. VAM releases compounds that can dissolve elements susceptible to forming insoluble compounds such as iron, phosphorus, calcium and trace elements. Numerous studies have also shown VAM to improve the plants ability to recover from water stress. To understand more about VAM Technology please view our previous VAM blogpost.

The range is formulated with the additional beneficial ingredients:

Highly effective soil and plant enhancing liquid fertiliser, containing VAM fungi for maximum uptake of nutrients. MP NOURISH feeds turf with a balanced NPK and quick release of Nitrogen and Potassium. Click to view MP Nourish Techsheet. 

A high phosphorus soil and plant enhancing liquid fertiliser containing VAM beneficial fungi and VM3 organics. MP ROOTS facilitates maximum leaf uptake of nutrients, delivering freely available phosphorus to stimulate strong root growth. Click to view MP Roots Techsheet. 

Biologically active liquid fertiliser, enhancing plant vigour and improving soil nutrient uptake. MP Reinforces strengthens turf canopy and encourage airflow around shoots, while delivering freely available Silica. Click to view MP Reinforce Techsheet.

Foliar Nitrogen, Calcium and Boron liquid fertiliser with optimal pH to maximise leaf uptake. MP REFRESH delivers freely available calcium along with protein based organic Nitrogen to strengthen turf and correct calcium deficiencyClick to view MP Refresh Techsheet.