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Stress less about disease

In recent times, Bayer have introduced an additive to new fungicide products they call StressGuard™.  With a characteristically green pigment, StressGuard™ is shown in university studies to impart plant health benefits including but not limited to increase in drought tolerance, improved root function/nutrient uptake, increased root mass, increased tiller density, UV protection, increased chlorophyll production in low light conditions and better overall stress resistance in treated plants.

Interface-BottleThe latest product from Bayer to include StressGuard™ is Interface®.  A dependable dual active fungicide, Interface is registered for control and protection against Dollar SpotBrown PatchFusarium HelminthosporiumRust and Grey Leaf Spot.  In addition to StressGuard™Interface® contains a powerful combination of active ingredients (Iprodione and Trifloxystrobin). The Iprodione component provides the product with excellent curative properties both inside and out of the plant, while Trifloxystrobin delivers residual and reliable protection against infection for a full month. These two actives combine to provide strong activity on all stages of disease activity with a unique mode of action. 

From a programming perspective, Interface® has no growth regulatory effects, as do the DMI group fungicides. DMI fungicides can can cause undesirable effects in turfgrass (particularly in hot conditions) including a “coarser appearance through widening of leaf blades, colour changes (such as yellowing, a bluish appearance, or bronzing or browning of turf), and reduced growth rate” (Vincelli, 2013). In stressful periods, Interface offers a unique alternative to DMI chemistry, especially with the additional benefits provided by the StressGuard™ component.

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A product that works well in combination with Interface®  in a programmed approach in Summer is Chipco Signature®, which also contains StressGuard™.  Chipco Signature® is unique in the way it treats for Pythium as a true systemic, travelling up and down within the plant for maximum protection. For best control of Pythium, a program of Chipco Signature® applied at 21 days intervals during the key summer months forms a secure, stress free approach.

Chipco Signature® is more than just a strong Pythium fungicide, with research proving that  Chipco Signature® can significantly boost root development and even assist in maintaining the plant’s cell structure when subjected to heavily shaded conditions.

 For more information on  Interface®Signature® or StressGuard™ contact your Living Turf Representative.