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Technical & Marketing Director – Dr Henk Smith

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Henk Smith will officially join Living Turf on August 1st, 2016.  This appointment highlights Living Turf’s commitment to building robust and technically competent services with which to support our growing sales force.

Founder and managing director, Rob Cooper says “my vision has always been to make Living Turf a hub where the best sales rep’s would want to work.  If we can develop agronomy tools that enable our sales agronomists be more relevant to their clients, then everybody wins”.  “Having Henk to help support our sales force with trusted advice, moves us one step closer to being that employer of choice”.Dr Henk Smith with Living Turf founder and MD Rob Cooper

With an academic pedigree in plant physiology and an impressive professional career in turf and agribusiness, Henk is excited to be back at the coal face with customers.  After a long association with Living Turf in his previous employment, Henk is well aware of our innovative approach to business and our desire to be a thought leader in our industry.

Dr Henk Smith with Living Turf founder and MD Rob Cooper.

It is that innovative attitude that sparked the development of Turf Forensics®, a suite of intellectual property that includes My-Results® (interactive, analytical database) and My-Climate® (environmental intelligence and early warning system).  The further development of these client focused services, is just a part of what Henk will be tasked with at Living Turf.  More specifically, Henks’ key result areas (KRA’s) will be plant protection product management, technical services, marketing, team and compliance.

We believe that Henks’ appointment will prove to be a significant growth ring in the life of our business.  We hope you will join us in welcoming Henk to the team and trust that it won’t be long before you have fist hand contact with him in his new role at Living Turf.