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TriCure – proven University trials

TriCure AD‘s performance benefits makes it much more than just an excellent soil surfactant. Unique to the bulk of wetting agent products sold in Australia, TriCure AD has been subjected to multiple independent University trial assessments.  While many products available to turf managers do a good job as a wetting agent, TriCure AD has been shown to significantly enhance bentgrass root growth and is the leading product achieving Fairy Ring control with fungicides.

Target Fairy Ring control

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Living Turf currently only have Monstar fungicide with a permit for use for Fairy Ring control where to achieve an acceptable level of control the manufacturer recommends aeration and soil surfactant use to get the fungicide into the hyphal mat of the Fairy Ring.  This hyphal mat is organic and highly water repellant.  Penn State University trials however have shown that using TriCure AD increases fungicide efficacy to 85% control compared to Revolution at 40% vs the untreated control.  TriCure AD has a significant and unique ability to not only treat hydrophobic soil but also to wet hydrophobic organic matter, a critical characteristic in Fairy Ring control.  TriCure AD is also highly valuable in ensuring the thatch layer of golf greens accepts water evenly.

Click here to read the comparison study on TriCure AD vs Resolution for Fairy Ring Control conducted at Penn State University. 

Bentgrass root growth

Trials conducted at Rutgers University investigated reports that TriCure AD seemed to enhance root growth in seedling bentgrass.  Quoting the Research Summary Report, “TriCure surfactant stimulated root growth as evidenced by significantly greater root length compared to untreated controls”.  Results showed double the root length in the TriCure AD treatments in comparison to some surfactants that have been shown to be quite toxic to young roots because of their aggressive penetrative wetting ability. TriCure AD’s  unique chemistry is far kinder to the turf and through its superior wetting characteristics helps roots penetrate deeper into the soil profile.  Furthermore, the Rutgers trial results stated “TriCure also appears to beneficially impact shoot growth”.

Living Turf has brought TriCure AD surfactants to you following extensive investigation around the world for products that will truly improve the results you strive to achieve as turf managers.

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