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Turf Forensics® release ‘My-Climate version 2.1’

My-Climate® is a cutting edge smart phone app from Turf Forensics®, a web based service by Greenshed Pty Ltd that is distributed in Australia by Living Turf.

An early warning system against disease outbreak and weed germination, My-Climate® is the first significant predictive turf management tool of its kind, world-wide.

The imminent release of My-Climate version 2.1brings a range of new and enhanced features making it more relevant, accurate, versatile and cost effective.



Early warning for disease outbreaks

My-Climate® helps managers make better treatment decisions, saving money, justifying spray events and streamlining pesticide use.

Threshold setting for email alerts

A customised damage threshold triggers a physical email alert for high pressure conditions, allowing managers to increase monitoring, plan treatments and prevent damage.

Postcode matched weather data

Weather data collection is matched to your postcode, allowing My-Climate® to measure risk in your specific geography. Ultimate location accuracy can be obtained by installing your own Rainwise® weather station.

Rainwise® weather station option

This durable commercial weather station has been hand-picked to work with My-Climate®, allowing for single or multiple data collection points to increase accuracy and support many other aspects of turf facility management, including but not limited to website weather information display.

Linked to sales agronomist

Warning email alerts are shared with dedicated supply agents to facilitate targeted support and fast response for product and service needs.

Account sharing with staff

This feature allows multiple users to be granted account status, to increase the eyes and ears around your golf course or turf facility to help monitor and report disease outbreaks.

Diagnosis and treatment information

This information feature helps to educate and inform what disease or weeds looks like, what conditions cause them to flare and what treatment options are available.  Then a convenient link contacts your dedicated supplier.

Track the risk profile over time

A simple swipe changes the screen image from 10 days history, to 30 day, then 3, 6 and 12 months.  This allows fast and easy understand of the annual risk cycle at your location.

Linked to Turf Forensics desktop interface

A range of additional desktop functionality includes the ability to search back by date and location.  This useful feature can often explain variations in spend on control products by month (see screenshot below)

16 new weed models

Now weed germination can be understood and predicted with a high degree of accuracy, to help plan both pre and post emergent control tactics.

Customisation for personal preferences

Use the settings page to display only the weeds you want to see, overlay rainfall, toggle between weather station or postcode location ID and select your personal home screen theme.


Interface TFFurther development initiatives are already underway for the next version of My-Climate®, planned for release in February 2016.

These initiatives include but are not limited to self-learning algorithms, additional turf friendly features and launching My-Climate® to the global turf market.

Development partners for adjacent market segments, including specialty agriculture and horticulture, are currently being sought, to extend the reach of My Climate®.

For subscription information or a prospectus to purchase a full climate package, contact your dedicated sales representative.

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