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Targetting Turf Mites

Couch mites have been responsible for significant damage to sportsfields, tees and cricket wickets in recent years.  At the Gold Coast AGCSA conference, Syngenta launched Hygran® (diafentiuron) as a rotational chemistry to be used in conjunction with Abamectin (Active Ingredient – found in Thumper®, Gymnast®).
couch mite damage

Hygran® represents a significant opportunity for couch turf managers to extend the longevity of mite control and to prevent resistance that is sure to develop due to their short life cycle and multiple generations per season. The strategy recommendation for couch mite is to treat regenerating couch early in the growing season with Abamectin. A fast acting contact miticide, Abamectin will expire in 2-3 weeks, so a follow up spray with Hygran® at the two week mark will extend control for an additional 4 weeks.

Having obtained a 6 week control window, the opportunity exists at this stage for an additional application of Hygran® to extend the control window to 10 weeks. Couch turf managers will understand what an important innovation this is – 10 weeks control of couch mite with only three targeted treatments.

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