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Water Testing to Assess Irrigation Suitability

Water testing: a must for any non-portable irrigation source.
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Irrigation water has the single greatest influence on soil structure, root health and vitality. When water is used for irrigation over time, soil will inherit the properties of the water itself. 

Irrigation water from underground bores or recycled sources often carry salts that influence the soil that they treat.

Levels of salinity, dissolved solids, bicarbonates and various other elements indicate the suitability of irrigation water for turf. 

Bicarbonates are alkaline salts that bond readily to available calcium in soil, forming highly insoluble calcium carbonate. Where irrigation water is high in bicarbonates, soils have a tendency to become anaerobic, prone to black layer and elevated in PH.

Living Turf uses My-Results, an online analytical database to view, streamline and manipulate soil, water, nematode and disease tests. My-Results facilitates the exchange of result information with trained agronomists and improves the ease of critically reviewing cultural practices for effect on soil chemistry and health.