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Water use efficiency

TriCure AD 2.5 smlWhilst we are proud of the Matchplay® soil moisture range, we believe TriCure® will quickly develop a following as the premium active ingredient in the Australian market.  The most striking feature of Tricure® is its ability to treat organic matter in turf soil.  While many products adequately treat the mineral components of soil, it is activity on the organic fractions combined with turf safety that separates the high performing products.

In the past, products like Oars® have claimed to treat hydrophobicity by stripping organic residues from the mineral soil surface.  The fact is that this organic build up in soil is a natural and healthy feature of turf root zones.  An effective wetting agent should therefore be able to treat the whole of the soil, including living and dead plant tissue, mineral soil and decomposed organics.

Tricure PelletsBeing able to wet organic matter effectively is the first principle of achieving free water movement through mat and thatch and into the root zone.  TriCure® achieves this with a unique wetting ingredient, that is shown in University studies to be among the most plant friendly products in its category.

TriCure® is also available in pellets for application by hand watering.  TriCure® is different from other commercial tablets in that they dissolve rapidly to deliver an effective wetting agent dose from the convenience of a hand held applicator. A single pellet is meant to treat a normal size golf green as opposed to competitor pellets which are mostly designed to simply increase surface penetration of hand watering.

Living Turf’s agency extends to other new and useful Mitchell Products including Terreplex®, a carbon-rich acidifier derived from the lignin in trees.  Terreplex® is a natural organic polymer, fully biodegradable, non-phytotoxic, non-corrosive, and economical for use on turf.  It enhances nutritional programs by releasing bound nutrients and increasing solubility.  Its ability to complex with nutrients to improve absorption, while helping to reduce bicarbonate and sodium levels.  Terreplex® provides carbon to stimulate microbial activity, improves flocculation and soil permeability, adjusts soil pH levels and de-scales irrigation lines.

For more information on TriCure®Terreplex® and other Mitchell Products, contact your Living Turf representative.